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19 June 1976
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  • symm76@livejournal.com

Me: Quiet, creative, obsessive enthusiastic.

Journal: Icons and banners of television, movie, music, celebrity and stock images.

Comments: If you can find the time to leave a small comment, it will make my day. Feedback encourages me and lets me know what techniques are working.

Friending: I'm happy for anyone to friend this journal but if we don't have much in common, or you friend me without leaving a comment, I may not reciprocate.

Rules: All I ask is that you don't edit or hotlink.

Credit: Much appreciated, although not compulsory. It's the right thing to do though.
If you're good enough to credit, simply include my name in your keywords.

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My gallery now has 2400+ entries. Go there to see art by others as well as myself.


B R U S H E S / T E X T U R E S

77words, aconite, amethystia, apparating, _ashenicons, boogieland, bunny_icons, cdg_brushes, nightcomes, colorfilter, colortone, _coquettish, creamuts, crumblingwalls, damnicons, discordandnight, _diversion, eloque, aetter, ewenism, existenceofme, fuzzy, haydens__hunnie, iconistas, iconographer, illusionized, joyfulsong, liars_dance, lookslikerain, meleada, myrasis, noctuidae, omg_pretty, ohfreckle, scarreddreamer, sheld0n, spectralicons, spikesbint, neke, teh_indy, trash_graphics, tsukicon, pixar_eve, unmasked_icons, wonderland__, zemie

I recommend 100x100_brushes and freshmakers

I M A G E   S O U R C E S

Angel: screencap-paradise
Bones: craftymonkie, extravaganza
CSI: black glass, csi-caps
Grey's Anatomy: extravaganza
House MD: Wounded Hearts
The X-Files: chrisnu.com, dvd screen grab archive, xfroadrunners
Stock Images: stock.xchng
General: cap-it, dj-capslock, hires hotties, hires hunkshires models, sensuality art

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profile header and icons by me

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